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Gwyneth Paltrow was just named People's Most Beautiful Person—but you'll be hard-pressed to find another Gwyneth in real life. It's a pretty name, reminiscent of the far more popular Genevieve, and has a lovely meaning—cherished. But I'm thinking the Gwyneth Paltrow backlash against the Marie Antoinette-ish lack of reality in her GOOP newsletter. (I don't know about you, but I don't have a half a million dollars to spring on "wardrobe essentials.")

Which got me thinking about some other names you should be seeing around the playground, but never took off. Here's my list of names that should be higher on the radar.

Suri My younger daughter and I actually brushed past Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's intriguingly named offspring recently. (We both attended the same performance of Cinderella on Broadway and both ended up hanging out backstage at the same time.) Tom and Katie claimed the name meant rose or royalty in Persian or Hebrew, but experts say it's a name that has more negative connotations—like "pickpocket" in Japanese. Whether it's part of the Tom Cruise backlash or it's the fact that Suri rhymes with "slurry," this name hasn't caught fire.

Pax The names of some of Brangelina's other offspring have really taken off—we're looking at you Maddox, Vivienne, and Knox! But Pax has yet to take off—despite the fact that it has that cool "x" ending and a really neat meaning, "peace."

Seraphina It's been four years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner gave this angelic name to their daughter, and it still hasn't cracked the top 1000. It's a nice alternative to the far-more-popular Sabrina.

Harry A handsome British royal and the world's most famous boy wizard haven't done anything to bring this variant of Henry back from its slow and steady decline. (Though Henry itself has been on the rise!)

What names do you think should be more popular than they are? (Or are you too afraid to share them, in case you want to use them?)

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