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Brand new baby Violet Isabel makes four for Dixie Chick and Court Yard Hounds star Emily Robison, though this is her first baby with current beau Martin Strayer. (Her other children, Juliana Tex, Henry Benjamin and Charles Augustus, were from a previous marriage.)

Violet's been a pretty popular name with the celebrity crowd, with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner choosing it for their oldest daughter, and Nirvana and Foo Fighters' musician Dave Grohl using it as well. Depending on how you look at it, it can be either part of the color-as-a-name trend, or the flower-name-as-a-name trend, and it's currently on the rise and about to enter the top 100 names in the country. It's also popular in pop culture, with two popular characters sharing the name—Violet Beaudelaire from the Series of Unfortunate Events books, and Violet Parr, the superhero teen daughter from one of my favorite Pixar flicks, The Incredibles.

Isabel is a variant on the ultrapopular Isabella—both are Spanish versions of the Biblical name Elizabeth, which means "pledged to God." While Isabella currently is the second from top name in the U.S. (behind only Sophia), Isabel is only slightly less popular, at 128 on the U.S. lists.

In general, this Dixie Chick is pretty adept at choosing names for her baby brood. I like that she goes with names that are relatively popular and classic, especially for the first names, but often puts a little bit of a spin on it by choosing something less expected for the middle name (such as using boys' name Tex as a middle name for daughter Juliana or less-known name like Augustus for Charles). And Violet Isabel is a perfect example of her baby naming prowess.

What do you think of Emily and Martin's choice for their new daughter? Would you put any of their chosen names on your baby naming short list?