By Lisa Milbrand
November 12, 2014

Are there baby names that grate on your ears like nails on a chalkboard? It seems like everyone has that certain name or name type that really makes them crazy. (And of course, one person's trashy name is another's treasured moniker.) But what baby name types seem to draw the most ire? After serving a few years as the resident baby name expert here at Parents, I've noted what usually gets people riled up. Check out the most common baby naming pet peeves.

Kreative Spellyngs.  There are enough Jurnees and Addysyns out there to attest to the fact that creative spellings are here to stay. (In fact, Aiden, the alternative spelling of Aidan, is more popular than the original.) But detractors think that parents who pick a creative spelling seem less educated than a proper spelling stickler.

Celeb-Worthy Baby Names. Would you vote for President North West or Apple? Odds are, the children of celebrities who are often get saddled with these offbeat names will never have to work a day in their life. But it's likely that your kiddo will need to get herself a job one of these days—and people may think twice before they listen to the advice of Dr. Moxie.

Giving a Girl a Boys' Name—and Vice Versa. The trend of giving girls boys' names seems to have no end in sight—which is a shame for many boys, as people end to stray away from giving their sons names that have started favoring the pink side of the column. (Did you know that names like Meredith, Carol, and Ashley all started as boys' names?) And it's rarer, but some guys have started getting names that are generally for the fairer sex.

Pop Culture Character Baby Names. While your personal family tree is a great way to find a name with meaning, many moms-to-be are hunting their favorite shows for name inspiration. But some character name picks (i.e. Arya from Game of Thrones) may be inspired and wearable, while others—like Khaleesi, the Game of Thrones Dothraki word for queen—may be better left to fiction.

Ultraconservative Baby Name Choices. The other extreme of baby naming is to go with the simplest and safest name. If you pick Sophia or Noah right now, you know your kid won't have any trouble fitting in namewise—there will probably be at least a few of fellow Noahs and Sophias in class with him or her. But the naysayers shake their heads at this nod to conformity and stick-to-the-basics baby names.

Tell us: What's your big baby name pet peeve? What names really make you cringe?

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