By Lisa Milbrand
May 01, 2014

Could it be Zzyzx? (That's pronounced Zay-zix, if you're as stumped as I was!) That's the baby name voted the weirdest by readers on EBabyNames, and it's actually a place name somewhere out in California (officially titled the "last place on Earth," thanks to that weird spelling which puts it last in the alphabet). And apparently, 5 kids received that name last year here in the U.S.

While I can appreciate the desire to give your kid an original name, does anyone think we're taking it a little too far? Maybe it's because of all those weird celebrity baby names, like Apple and Moxie Crimefighter. But with names like Khaleesi, Nimrod, and yes, Zzyzx showing up on the official baby name charts, can we just all agree that maybe it's time to let our kids stand out for their talents, their personalities and just for being a one-of-a-kind person on this planet—and just give them a name that's easily pronounceable and understandable and spellable?

There are literally thousands of names out there that aren't heard on the playground at the moment, but won't make people say "huh?" There are so, so many intriguing names that you just don't hear much these days—names like Augustine and Esme, Meadow and Houston, Azalea and Anders, Bodhi and Estella. Do we really need to name our kids Abcde (that's pronounced Ab-sid-ee, if you're wondering)?

You tell me: If you made up a name for your baby, or chose something extreme like Zzyzx, I'd love to hear why you made that choice—and what kind of a reaction you and your child have gotten from loved ones, teachers, etc. And if you're anti-offbeat, tell me exactly what bothers you about the more bizarre end of the baby name spectrum—and share the most bizarre baby name you've heard!

If you're still looking for a name for your baby (and Zzyzx and Abcde haven't made your list!), check out our Baby Name Finder. And don't forget to like In Name Only to keep up with the very latest in baby names. (Sign up now, and you'll be among the first to find out when the brand-new most popular baby name list comes out within the few days!)


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