What to Name Jill's Baby? 28173

Readers, it's time for another act of public service. Fellow blogger Jill Cordes of "Of Fi I Sing" is about to pop with baby number two -- working name, Leroy.

Here's her situation:

"My daughter Fia is 23 months old and a spitfire. She was born with reddish hair (not sure how) and Fia means Fiery one as a derivative of Fiamma. Though we're not Italian. Being "Jill and Phil" we didn't want to name her an "ill" name, although I loved Lily, so I made it her middle name. Fia Lily Johnston. However, she is so NOT a Lily. The only other name that could have been as perfect was Olive. But we didn't want anything too, too popular.   Problem with Fia is I have to spell it out constantly, as people think it's Thea. Originally when we were pregnant with her, but before we knew it was a girl, we were going to name a boy Finn. So when we found out it was a girl, I was somehow already glued to the "F" names. I think "Phil, Jill, Fi (fee) or Fia" sounds nice. Also, we like something with a nickname.   We don't want an "F" name for our son. We also want a name that is accessible and not too trendy. Somehow, this time, I've fixated on "L's"...Luke, Lucas, Liam. Problem with Liam (our first choice at moment) is that there is no nickname other than "Lee" and we don't love that. My husband's grandmother's maiden name was McNeil, so we thought perhaps we could name him Liam McNeil Johnston and call him Mac.   Well, I like your thinking, Jill. Mac is a cute name, and it sounds good with Fia. The only problem I see is saddling him with a first name you don't love. And one that's getting pretty popular at that -- number 30 in the nation in 2010. Why not McNeil Johnston? OK, if you don't want to go that path, let's think about names that start with "L." I think short is the way to go here -- that will help the name fit into your family -- so we'll concentrate on names that are two syllables or less. Here's what a search of the baby name database finds (curated for cuteness):Lachlan  Landon  Lane  Lance  Lark  Lear

Leland  Leo  Les  Lex  Linus   Okay, that's a good selection. My favorites: Lex and Leo. Why? They go well with Fia, and like Fia, are short but sweet -- lots of personality. They both just sound like cool, not-too-popular names to me.  What do you think? Do you like any of the names from my list? Do any other names jump out at you