Yes, it's true... Duggar number 20 is on the way. For those of you not familiar with the family: The Duggars are a devout Christian family from Arkansas who (surprise!) don't believe in birth control. They've starred in a number of Discovery Health and TLC specials.

All the kids have names that begin with the letter "J." From oldest to youngest, here are the children so far:

*In the worst case of creative spelling I've ever seen, this name is pronounced like "ginger." Not, as you might expect, jing-er, as in "one who jings."

So! Those names are off the table. The Duggars did get a little redundant with some of their names -- most notably "Joy-Anna" and "Johannah" -- but I'll try to go with something new. The older Duggars have pretty classic, biblical names, but the younger ones tread in more trendy territory.

My picks, for no reason other than I think they're cool names (hey, the Duggars don't seem to have any rhyme or reason to their naming anyways): Jasper for a boy, and Julia for a girl.

How about you? What "J" names would you pick for Duggar number 20(!!!!)?