What to Name Berit's Baby? 28161

Readers, it's time to put on your thinking caps. Fellow blogger Berit Thorkelson of "Love and Diapers" is about to have her second baby, and she needs help picking out a name. Here's her situation:

"We picked Roy (actually short for Royal) for my son because it is familiar and classic, yet not common. Also because it is short. We like 1- and 2-syllable names.

For our daughter, we'd like something that goes with Roy. Also, as with Roy, something shorter (again, 1 or 2 syllables preferably, though this can be in the shortened form) and familiar/classic/vintage yet not common (or likely on the verge of being). If it helps, the middle name will be Loraine and the last name Buckner. My name is Norwegian (a family name) so also open to less familiar Scandinavian names."

Ok. Let's start out by looking at short Scandinavian names. On the list of names from that origin, our girl options are: Bjí¶rk, Inge (short for Ingrid), Nesa, Olla, Treena, and Vivy (short for Viveca).

Let's try those out with the full name:

Bjí¶rk Loraine Buckner. Hmm... not a fan of the double "B."

Inge Loraine Buckner. That one has potential! Ingrid sounds nice too.

Nesa Loraine Buckner. Makes me think of the Loch Ness monster. Scratch.

Olla Loraine Buckner. Nice, although "Olla Loraine" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Treena Loraine Buckner. Sorry, not into a kre8tyv spelling of Trina.

Vivy Loraine Buckner. Sounds good!

Of our favorites, let's see how they sound with Roy:

Inge and Roy.

Olla and Roy.

Vivy and Roy.

Out of those, my favorites are Inge (or Ingrid) and Vivy. I like the name Inge better, but I think Vivy actually sounds better with Roy. So that's my pick: Vivy Loraine Buckner.

What do you think? Do you like any of the names on my list? What would you name baby Buckner?