New Nameberry research looks at the quirky baby names parents are picking most often, based on which state they call home.
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Did you know that the baby names Amias and Aspen are more common in Colorado than in the rest of the country? Neither did I, but when you think about it, at first blush, at least the latter makes sense.

A researcher at Nameberry actually looked at parents' favorite quirky baby name picks in every state in the U.S. and D.C. Each name had to be given to at least 100 babies in 2015. Then, he calculated the percentage of tots with that name born in each state. What he found were the most concentrated quirky monikers based on where people live.

As the popular baby-naming site explains as an example, 100 boys were named Brigham in that year and 23 of them were in Utah. Since less than 1 percent of all Americans live in that state, the use of the name Brigham is 23 times higher. But you might expect Brigham to be a more popular baby name choice in Utah versus, say, in New Jersey.

Certain names are more common given the ethnic makeup of that state; for instance Hawaiian names Kalea and Keanu are more popular in Hawaii, just like the Hebrew monikers Shimon and Faigy are more common in New York.

Interestingly, according to Nameberry, red-state parents are more likely to pick gender-neutral names, while blue-state parents tend to prefer ethnic and traditional names. I guess that explains why Tylan for a boy and Jolie for a girl are more popular in Louisiana; or could it be because Angelina Jolie's estranged hubby Brad Pitt has been a huge part of the hurricane restoration efforts in New Orleans?

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Some of my favorite baby names for boys that emerged from this research are Torin, which is most represented in Alaska, and Krew, and Idahoan pick. For girls, meanwhile, I'm loving Oakely, or Oakleigh, depending on whether you live in Idaho or Montana. Wren, the girl name chosen most by Vermont parents, is also a super-cute and original moniker, as is the West Virginia pick, Cambrie.

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So, in the end, if nothing else, this research makes for a great jumping off point for baby-name inspiration!

Which names do you love most? And were you surprised by the quirky names that are popular in your state?

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