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So we know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter arrived a little early this weekend. (Kanye can consider it an early Father's Day gift.) But they're still keeping the baby name under wraps, other than the (not-so-surprising) news that the name begins with a K. With one family obsessed with K names and a dad named Kanye, what else would you expect.

So while we wait for them to finally spill the beans on the baby name, here are some suggestions:

Kimber, a shortened version of Kim Kardashian's first name, might fare well for the newest Kardashian.

Keira, a sweet name that means "dark-haired," which this baby certainly should be. It's currently in the top 200 baby names.

Kelsey, a late-1990s name that means island.

Kandace, a formerly popular name Candace, with this slightly offbeat spelling (and the fact that it borrows the first syllable of Kanye's baby name).

Or maybe Kim and Kanye will surprise us all and pick a slightly more classic name, like Kate.

What do you think? What name are you betting they pick for their baby?

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