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It's that time of year again, when every media outlet summarizes the big stories of the year. (Sometimes, I think I might just skip watching CNN and reading the newspaper and just catch up on everything I missed, splashed in stylish slideshows, when the year ends.)

So here's my year in review, of everything baby name related:

- Stars are keeping their baby names secret—and that reticence seems to spur even bigger hoopla over their babies. It took months for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Uma Thurman to finally reveal their babies' names. And we still don't know what Adele or Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin picked for their babies.

- We're totally obsessed with what Wills and Kate will name their baby (or is it babies???). My blog post speculating on potential royal baby names was already one of the most popular ones this year. I'm looking forward to finding out if my guesses were anywhere near correct.

- We're asking for help with our baby names. Yahoo! CEO Marisa Mayer famously crowdsourced her son's name (MacAllister), but other people are turning toward naming experts or simply posting their options on websites like ours looking for opinions. (And hey, if you do want some free advice, feel free to send your dilemma our way at

- Stars are still choosing offbeat baby names. I've chosen my 10 most intriguing celebrity baby names, but there was no scarcity of interesting choices that didn't make the cut. Like Jason Lee's Sonny, or Sienna Miller's Marlowe Ottoline. Of course, celebrities don't have the monopoly on weird baby names—just consider poor Hashtag Jameson.

- We've already rounded up our top baby names. And some of the top names on our site might surprise you (Bradley for a boy—Cadence for a girl, for instance?)

- I made my predictions of some of the hottest baby names for 2013. If you're picking Olive or Declan and thinking your kiddo will be the only one sporting that name in preschool, think again.

What do you think was the most interesting baby name story of the year? Share it in the comments below. (And don't forget to like In Name Only on Facebook, so you can keep up with the coolest names of the week, the latest in celebrity baby name news, and all things baby names!)

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