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Some names have seen their day in the sun—and it's clear by their precipitous fall, that they're on their way out. While most monikers fall slowly into obscurity (hello, my sad, overused name Lisa, down yet another 8 places this year!), here are the names that took the biggest drop in popularity:

For girls, the name Dulce means "sweet," but apparently, American parents aren't that sweet on it anymore—it was the biggest loser, dropping 160 places on the chart. (I'm thinking it might make a pretty middle name, though!)

Estrella, a Spanish name that means star and has that hot -ella ending, and Danna, a mashup of Donna and Dana, both fell more than 120 places as well. Mikaela, a feminization of Michael, fell 140 spots, and Mikayla, its creative spelling cousin, also fell 45 points. The more traditional spelling, Michaela, fared much better. Maybe the creative spellings are starting a slow decline?

Adding fuel to that theory—Jakob was among the big decliners for the year, while Jacob continued to reign supreme. For boys overall, some of the -den names started to head . Leading the charge to the bottom was Braeden, which fell 105 points—and alternative spelling Braden also fell 45 points. (Zaiden and Zayden, however, are on the rise—combining that cool "Z" initial with the mega-popular "aden" sound.) Apparently, parents aren't on Team Cullen anymore (is the Twilight effect finally over?)—the baby name Cullen dropped almost 80 spots.

A few other interesting tidbits: Some sports stars' names are on a big decline (we're looking at you, Lance, Jacoby, and Kobe!). For girls, "ey" names didn't fare so well—Lindsey, Courtney, Tenley and Kiley were among the big droppers.

What do you think of this list? Are some of these names unfairly maligned—and are any of them on your baby name list? And would you rather pick a name that's rising quickly, or fading fast?

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