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Celebs may have picked offbeat monikers like North West and Rainbow Aurora for their kids, but they aren't the only ones who chose oddly—at least if the survey by Baby Center is to be believed. They've come up with their list of the most unusual names of 2013, which included options like Cheese, Hurricane and Panda for boys—and Feline, Fairy and Chevy for girls.

But even among these offbeat choices, there were a few gems that even I would consider for my kids. Blue was among the girls' choices—and I'm honestly surprised that hasn't caught on as much, with Beyonce and Jay-Z handing that moniker to their own daughter. I probably wouldn't put it in the primo slot, but I think Blue makes a lovely middle name. Also among their "offbeat" choices is Trixie, which is an old-school nickname for Beatrice. I'm loving it as part of the whole nickname-as-name trend. And Tulip makes a pretty and unexpected choice of floral name.

The boys' names included Finch, an interesting tweak on the "Finn" trend—and a bird name. Ripley and Holmes are cool surname names for boys—love the idea of the nickname Ripper for a boy in homage to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's heroic Watcher Rupert Giles. And while Stetson would seem a little weird for my East Coast crew, I think it's a pretty awesome name for a young cowboy-to-be.

What's the weirdest baby name you've heard this year? Do any of the offbeat choices sound like something you'd consider?