By Lisa Milbrand
June 17, 2015
Terrence Howard 28695

Two A-list stars recently welcomed boys—and picked two very intriguing names for their brand new sons. First, Empire actor Terrence Howard announced that he welcomed a son in May with his wife Miranda, named Qirin Love. Then Alec and Hilaria Baldwin announced their son's birth and his name, Rafael Thomas.

According to their baby announcement, Terrence and Miranda created the name Qirin based on a Chinese mythological creature called a qilin, a hooved and antlered animal that is often aflame and appears when a person of prominence is born or dies. (No word on whether they'll pronounce the Q more like the "k" of Western usage, or the "ch" in the Chinese pronunciation.) Love is, of course, a word name, which is usually used for girls. Qirin joins a host of siblings bearing unique names: Heaven, Hunter, and Aubrey, all from Terrence's first marriage.

Alec and Hilaria went for more standard names. Rafael is a Spanish variant of Raphael, the name of the patron saint of travelers and one of the great artists of the Renaissance. And Thomas is one of the most timeless names out there, with an apostle and a slew of famous bearers of the name to recommend it. Rafael has two big sisters: Carmen Gabriela and Ireland. (Ireland is Alec's daughter with actress Kim Basinger.)

Tell us: What do you think of this pair of baby names? Would you be more likely to pick a name like Qirin or like Rafael?

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