Twin Names: The Perfect Set

A friend recently had twin boys, and I'm obsessed with the names she chose: Elliot and Oliver. I think they just go so well together.

This got me thinking -- what makes a good twin name set? I like that Elliot and Oliver both start with vowels and have the same number of syllables -- and, at the same time, are totally different and unique names.

When names are too similar, I think it messes with a twin's identity. I'm no expert on the matter, but I do have my personal experience... namely, fraternal twin friends Kristen and Katie. The girls act and look nothing alike, but my parents and other friends were always getting the two confused. I doubt there would have been any mistaking one for the other if their names were... say... Katie and Jennifer.

What do you think? What are good twin name sets that you've heard, and what are some bad ones? Any celebrity faves?


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