Folks, the news about Beyonce's baby name just won't stop coming. Up for review today: the trademarking of Blue Ivy, who's now almost a month old. On January 26, Beyonce and Jay-Z filed an application to trademark their daughter's name.

Sound like a horrible ploy for two multi-millionaires to earn more money off an infant? As in, Beyonce and Jay-Z trademark the name so that they can launch a line of "Blue Ivy" baby gear? Yeah, I thought so at first, too. But there's also the issue of protecting her name and preventing other people from profiting off their baby. And it's not an ungrounded worry -- before Beyonce and Jay-Z submitted the application, two different applications to trademark "Blue Ivy" had already been filed.

Since parents are legally allowed to trademark the name of their child, the deal should go through. My parents never got a trademark for Paula Miriam, but I guess the microscope I grew up under is just a tiny bit smaller than the one that's sure to follow Blue Ivy (tm).

What do you think? Are Beyonce and Jay-Z being smart, silly, selfish or a little bit of all three?