By Lisa Milbrand
November 21, 2014
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It may not be winter—yet—but it sure feels like it in most of the country. (And in my hometown, people are buried under six and seven feet of snow, so I bet they're definitely feeling like they're living in the movie Frozen. Here's hoping they all shovel out very soon.)

So what names suit this frosty time of year? Check out these options:

Aspen Colorado's swank ski area lends a little wintry cool to this name.

Eira Pronounced Ay-ra, this lovely Welsh name means "snow."

Elsa This Frozen name will prove to be uberpopular, thanks to the movie. (Though Elsa itself is a variation on Elizabeth, and shares its meaning, "pledged to God.") It's currently just outside the top 500 names, but I'm betting that next year's numbers will place it inside the top 300.

Fjord This utterly Scandinavian name is the used for little narrow sea inlets that are scattered through the Norway, worn between two cliffs.

Frost Looking for a good strong seasonal name? Frost could be just the ticket. (I'd recommend it in the middle spot, and don't succumb to the temptation to pair it with the first name Jack.)

Holly This evergreen plant with its bright red berries is a common symbol of the season, and a very popular name a few decades ago.

January Actress January Jones helped put the first month of the year on the baby name radar. Consider it if you're having one of the first babies of 2015.

Lucia A popular Scandinavian saint bears this name, which is the Latin word for "light."

Nevada The state may be on the hot side temperature wise, but the name actually means "covered in snow." This name could work for boys or girls.

Neve This short and sweet name means snow, and is most famously associated with Scream actress Neve Campbell.

Nicholas This generous fourth century saint was well known for his gift-giving. He helped inspire the jolly and magical Santa Claus, making his name a worthy one for a December boy.

Noel The French word for Christmas begat this sweet name—try Noelle for a girl.

Yuki This short and sweet Japanese name means "snow." Try Yukio as a boys' name with the same meaning.

Tell us: Have you chosen a baby name that suits the season? What do you think of this set?

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