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Were the 1970s long enough ago that the top names of the era deserve another look? Top girls' names like Jennifer and Lisa may be a little too overdone to make a comeback now—and top boys' names like Michael and Christopher never exactly go out of vogue. But the age of disco does have a few names in the top 100 that might be worth a second glance.


Kevin didn't exactly drop too far from its pinnacle in the 1970s. It was #13 back then, but #67 now. The Irish name means handsome—and is a nice break from the Celtic Aidens and Dylans.

Jeremy, on the other hand, has fallen mightily from its peak in the 1970s—it was often a top 20 name, but now, this name that means "appointed by God," is well below the top 100.

Gregory means vigilant—this #29 name in the 1970s has fallen to the top 300. I kind of like it in lieu of the equally classic Gabriel. Gregory's a saint's name and the name of legendary actor Gregory Peck.

Craig was the #56 baby name in the 1970s. But this name, which means "from the rocks," has had a rocky time since then—it's been on a precipitous fall from grace since the early 1990s. I like it in place of Caleb or Carter.

Shane is a real "cowboy" name, thanks to the film. It's on a long, slow slide currently, after being the #60 name in the 1970s. Perhaps the fact that it's been in a number of modern hits, including The Walking Dead, may give it a new lease on life.


Angela was red hot in the 1970s—a top 10 baby name all the way. I'm seeing it as an alternative to the uberpopular Amelia. What do you think?

I'm a little sad to see the name Tracy (the 1970s 24th most popular name) fall so far—my sister was given the variant spelling Tracey back in the 1970s. My mom seemed to know how to pick names at their pinnacle of popularity! Tracy's now fallen completely out of the top 1000, though it could make a lovely name for a boy, too—think Tracy Morgan.

Dawn was the perfect popular name for the post-hippie 1970s—and it's no wonder it was the 26th most popular name. It fell out of the top 1000 at the dawn of the century, but might make a sweet middle name, if nothing else.

Monica was the perfect name for the Friends character who seemed to run the whole group—it means advisor. It was in the top 45 back in the 1970s, but these days, it's hanging around in the top 500.

Melanie means dark, and it's held pretty steady in the bottom of the top 100 ever since it hit #56 in the 1970s. It's most famous as the name of Scarlett O'Hara's best friend/rival from the classic Gone With the Wind. 

What do you think? Any of these 70 names worth a comeback? If you still haven't found a baby name you love, email your question to me at, or check out our Baby Name Finder for more help!

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