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You might think hippie names like Rainbow and Sunshine were all the rage in the 1960s, but when it comes to the decade's monikers, the old standards topped the charts. Michael and Lisa reigned for the decade (that's my hubby and me!), and while Michael has maintained its popularity, many other of the top names from the 1960s have lost their mojo. We're talking 1960s top names like Susan, Karen, Kimberly, Linda and Donna for girls, and Richard and Kevin for boys, which aren't heard quite as often today. But there are some top names that could be viable for a repeat performance. Here are my hidden 60s gems.


Tracey is a sweet variant on Theresa, which means harvest. It peaked at #98 in the 1960s, and hasn't been heard from much since the 1990s. If you like some of the "ee" ending names like Lacey, Aubrey and Zoe, this might make a wonderful (and less-used) alternative.

The regal name Regina reached its pinnacle in the 1960s, and it means queen. Its most modern pop culture reference is reigning "Mean Girl" Regina George, but I think it might make a cool, classic name for a girl today.

Rhonda screams California girl, and thanks to the Beach Boys' classic "Help Me, Rhonda," it topped the charts at #44 in the 1960s. The name means "noisy one."

Amy started reaching the top of the charts in the 1960s, when it was #35. And with names like Emily, Amelia and Emma among the most popular, this might be a natural alternative. The name means beloved.


Darryl peaked at #94 in the 1960s, but more than a half-century later, this name, which means beloved, is barely charting in the top 1000. Could the cool character Darryl Dixon from The Walking Dead bring about a Darryl-assance?

"L" ending names were apparently red-hot in the 1960s, and I also like both Randall, #65 back then—and Russell, #59. Russell especially feels like it's ready for a comeback—it means red-headed.

Troy peaked in the 1960s at #55, thanks to handsome actor Troy Donahue. It means foot soldier, and might make a cool alternative to the uberpopular Tyler.

Glenn was in the top 100 for nearly a half century, and peaked in the 1960s at #74. It fell out of popularity in the past decade, but thanks to Glenn on The Walking Dead, it could be ready for its comeback.

What 60s-era names do you love?

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