Would you let your social media followers name your baby?
Credit: The Young Mummy/Instagram

Mom blogger Sophie Cachia—known to her followers as The Young Mummy—is currently expecting her second child.

The Melbourne mama named her first child Bobby. But this time around, she's turning to her 127,000 followers on Instagram for inspiration.

Earlier this week, Cachia—who made headlines last month for announcing she was preggers before the standard 3-month mark—posted an ultrasound pic of baby #2 to her Instagram feed along with a caption calling for name suggestions.

"And so the NAME GAME begins!" she wrote. "First pregnancy I was OBSESSED with baby names, second time around I'm like 'meh, that will do'. I'm totally being a lazy cow and would like to be inundated with your many suggestions. Put below if you think B2 is a boy or a girl, and give me your best name suggestions that go with Bobby. Ps we don't fancy traditional, this time we're going all out. To think this might be my last pregnancy - woah! X."

Her challenge was quickly accepted by more than 1,250 commenters and still counting! Their creative suggestions include names like Kesiah, Levi, Aiya, Milou, Apolline, Thiago, Tahj, and Casper.

Like... the ghost?

I love a good contest, but this seems kind of bizarre to me. Choosing a name is such a personal decision, you know? Although I named my son after a character on "Beverly Hills, 90210" so who am I to judge?

And as it turns out, Cachia isn't the first mama-to-be to feel ambivalent about choosing a moniker the second time around.

"My second pregnancy I was like this too," explained one commenter. "We went with Hendrix, and stuck with Hendrix when she showed up penis-less."

Love it!

Another commenter took inspiration from a different musician, suggesting Cachia name her baby Jean. "Not sure if you are a Springsteen fan but the song Bobby Jean was about a special friendship between two friends," she wrote. "Hopefully that's what Bobby and new baby will be."

Awww. That's actually kind of sweet.

For the record, if I already had a son named Bobby, I would definitely name my next kid Cindy if it was a girl, just so I could run around the house yelling Bobby..? Cindy! But I was a huge Brady Bunch fan growing up, so maybe that's just me.

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website holleeactmanbecker.com for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.