Jessa and Ben Seewald chose a slightly less unique name than Spurgeon for their second son.


Yes, Baby Seewald Number Two may have a less original moniker than big brother Spurgeon, but his middle name makes up for the fairly run-of-the-mill first.

The reality star couple revealed via video that they've named their week-old son Henry Wilberforce Seewald.

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"We just thought it was cute," Ben said about the name Henry in the video announcement, and shared that they also drew inspiration from Bible commentator Matthew Henry. While the Seewalds decided on Henry partly because Jessa "really liked" it, Wilberforce has a history to match older sibling Spurgeon's namesake.

Henry's middle name is an homage to William Wilberforce, a British abolitionist who campaigned against slavery for 20 years and worked as a missionary in India and Sierra Leone in the 1800s.

"He was very instrumental in abolishing the slave trade in the British Empire, as well as doing a lot of other great things," Ben explained. "He's a real hero of ours."

The Counting On stars even spilled the beans on a hint for any future Seewald babies' names.

"We were joking that people are going to start looking at the books on our fireplace mantle because we had a Spurgeon book up there before he was born," Jessa quipped. "We also have on the right side of our fireplace a six-volume set of commentary on the Bible by Matthew Henry."