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The Most Popular Baby Names of 2011 28203

Sophia captures the top spot for girl names, unseating Isabella, while Jacob has held onto first place for boy names for the last 13 years. The only newcomer to the Top Ten for both sexes is Mason, up from #12 last year to second place on the boys' list this year. Anthony fell off the Top Ten.

The full Top Ten lists for both sexes are:


1. Sophia 2. Isabella 3. Emma 4. Olivia 5. Ava 6. Emily 7. Abigail 8. Madison 9. Mia 10. Chloe


1. Jacob 2. Mason 3. William 4. Jayden 5. Noah 6. Michael 7. Ethan 8. Alexander 9. Aiden 10. Daniel

The celebrity influence remains strong, with Mason, the name of Kourtney Kardashian's little boy, and Harper, the well-publicized name of the Beckhams' daughter, among the fastest rising popular names.

Other names leaping up the list thanks to celebrity influence are Briella from the Style Network's reality show Glam Fairy and Brantley inspired by the country singer Brantley Gilbert, along with Angelique, from Dark Shadows, and the unlikely Iker, name of Spanish soccer star Iker Casillas Fernandez.

Sophia is a Greek Name meaning "wisdom" while Jacob is an Old Testament name that means "supplanter." Variations Sofia, Sophie, Jake, and Jacoby, along with cousin name James, are also popular, though the SSA counts all spellings and variations separately. Aiden and Jayden, if all spellings were taken together, would be the Number 1 and 2 boys' names, according to the SSA. (See all of the top names for 2011.)

Actress Lindsay Price and Chef Curtis Stone Name Their Son Hudson 28159

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