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I'm sure more than a few tears were shed over the weekend as the credits rolled on what appears to be the final installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, Part 2—at least for now. (Though based on some news reports I've read, Stephenie Meyer is considering adding on to her sparkly vampire series, so if you're a fan, don't give up hope yet.)

This final movie/book had so many new characters that you almost needed a diagram to keep track of them all—but among them are some lovely baby names, if you don't want to follow everyone else on the top-ranked Isabella/Bella  and Jacob bandwagon.

Jasper This gem of a name is actually a bright colored opaque stone, that's often red or green in color. It's been on a steep rise since the Twilight series first appeared, and seems destined for continued popularity.

Alice The soothsayer vampire has a German name that means noble. It was a top-ranked name through the 1950s, but after a sharp decline, it's back on its way to the top spot.

Esme You can keep Renesmee, but I love this sweet name, which means "beloved." It hadn't even hit the top 1000 names until 2010, and makes a fresh alternative to all those Emmas, Amelias and Mayas.

Edward While Bella may have ended up with Edward, it's clear that baby name wise, more people were on Team Jacob. This noble name, which means guardian, still hasn't made it into top 100 baby names here in the U.S.

Caius This member of the baddie faction has an ancient Roman name that means "rejoice," and follows the current trend of using old-school Greek and Latin names for kids. It's alsoo a cool way to get to that popular Kai/Cai nickname.

Siobhan Don't get turned off by the odd spelling—this pretty name, pronounced sheh-vawn, makes a sweet choice for a little girl. It's the name of the leader of the Irish coven who comes to lend a hand in protecting young Renesmee.

What names do you love from the Twilight Saga? Any gems I missed?