By Ruthie Fierberg
February 13, 2015
The Bachelor's Ashley and J.P.

Parents had a blast talking with new parents Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum. They've partnered with Puffs to keep moms and dads everywhere happy and healthy, but it's their joy in each other that is contagious. For those of you part of Bachelor Nation, you probably already know about the unique name the reality stars chose for their little bundle. But what was behind their choice of Fordham Rhys? We've got the deets for you!

P: Tell me about

A: We went through a million names. We were driving through Manhattan one day and we would consider every name we saw on a sign. We passed by Fordham University and I was like I LOVE that. We can call him Ford, it's a strong name, it's a power name. Fordham, it's different. I think it's cute for a baby and great for an adult. It's just setting him up for success.

J.P.: It's hard to name a human being. It's gotta work through every phase of life. He's got a be a cute kid with a name, he can't get made fun of in junior high and high school, and then he's got to be taken seriously as an adult.

A: Can we tell her what you wanted to name the baby?

J.P.: Nooooo.

A: We'll never use it.

J.P.: It wasn't the number-one choice!

A: It was your number-one choice.

J.P.: I liked it. I wasn't sold on it.

A: Okay, share it.

J.P.: I liked Gage. I thought it was cool. It's not over.

A: It took me 9 months to convince him to go with Fordham. We call him Fordy and Fordy Cent. It's just cute.

J.P.: It is cute.

P: Is his middle name, Rhys, a family name?

J.P.: The R is. My mother's mother, who is deceased, we took the first initial of her name and her Hebrew name and used it in his middle name.

A: We liked the name Rhys though. It was another name we were considering. We liked those two names so we just put them together.

P: This parenting job is forever and whether you have 1 or you have 5, how will you keep your relationship fresh, engaged—

J.P.: GAGE. It's a sign!

A: NO! No Gage. It's not happening.

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Ruthie Fierberg is an editorial assistant at Parents. Though she does not have children of her own, she's practically been raising kids since her first babysitting job at age 11. She is our resident theater aficionado and can be found constantly running around New York City to find the best new show, the most awesome dance party, or the hottest Bikram yoga studio. Follow her on on Twitter @RuthiesATrain.

Photograph: J.P., Ashley, and Fordham Rosenbaum / Courtesy of The Rosenbaums