Sports Baby Names 28511

The Super Bowl has descended upon my area—and so I won't be leaving my neighborhood for the entire weekend, thanks to the massive traffic jams and road closures promised by the mammoth Super Bowl crowds. (But no, I'm not bitter about being held hostage. Not at all!)

If you missed it in all the coverage of the Big Game, there's a pair of super-Seahawks fans by the surname of Mann, who gave their daughter the middle name 12th—as in 12th Man, the way most teams refer to their MVP fans, who help support their team to victory. I guess it's not any more out there than Harper Seven, the progeny of sporty David Beckham and his posh wife Victoria.

On Sunday, Peyton Manning is hoping to lead his Denver Broncos to victory. Perhaps he can help bring his name, Peyton, back from being squarely for the girls more into unisex territory. It's a name that means fighting-man's estate.

On the Seattle Seahawks, QB Russell Wilson sports a comeback name for boys—Russell means red-headed, and is currently #426. It comes with the delightful Russ or offbeat Rust (as we talked about in this week's cool name of the week) as nicknames.

And of course, there are plenty of other players on both teams whose names might be worth borrowing, as our friends over at Nameberry noted. I'm liking Von and Britton.

Are you all geared up for the game? And would you turn to your favorite athlete for baby name inspiration? Or will you be watching Puppy Bowl or the Walking Dead marathon instead?

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