Have a summer due date? Consider these summer-inspired baby names for your little one.

By Lisa Milbrand and Kim Grundy
June 19, 2012

More babies are born in the summer than in any other season. And if you're likely to contribute another summer baby to that statistic, you might consider giving him or her a name that suits the season. Here are some intriguing choices worth reviewing:

Honor their birth month. June is an old-fashioned girls' name that might be worth dusting off, while July and August, traditionally boys' names, could be used for girls as well. (In fact, a friend of mine named his daughter August.) If you want a girlier version of July or August, try Julia or Augusta. Summer is a beautiful name for a girl, and Leo (August's Zodiac sign) would be a huge hit for a boy.

Look to your garden for inspiration. So many flowers bloom during the summer, and floral names are emerging as a hot trend for girls. Try Rose, Lily, Dahlia, Daisy, or Poppy on for size. Other nature-themed names could include Rosemary for girls, Sage or Basil for boys, and Berry for either.

Try a name with a beachy vibe. For most people, summer brings thoughts of hitting the sand and the sea. So consider names connected with the ocean: Ocean itself works for a girl or a boy, Marina is beautiful for a girl, and names like Bay and Sandy can also give you that seaside feeling. Kai means sea, and is a pretty popular name for boys. You might consider naming your child for a location that has that endless summer vibe, like Capri, Ibiza, Diego, or Miami.

Pick a surfer baby name. Professional surfers like Laird Hamilton, Kelly Slater, or Taj Burrow (for boys), or Sage Erickson, Maya Gaberira, or Layne Beachley (for girls) could inspire your baby name pick. Other surfer-style names include 

  • Bodhi
  • Tristan
  • Teagan
  • Ashton
  • Logan

Pick a hot name. The summer months are scorchers, so pick names with that have a subtle nod to the heat of the season. Place names like Phoenix, Sahara, Kenya and Austin all speak to the scorching temperatures. The names Solana and Senna both mean bright and warm, while Ravi is the name of the Hindu sun god.

Photo: Baby in Sunglasses by niderlander / Shutterstock.com


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