What baby names rule in the UK? Oliver and Amelia, for starters.
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The UK baby name charts always offer some cool options for parents looking for something stylish and maybe not so popular here in the U.S. For instance, the top baby names in England and Wales for 2015 were just released—and the names atop the list, Oliver and Amelia, are decidedly less popular here: They rank #19 and #12 on the U.S. charts, respectively.

But even if Oliver and Amelia don't float your boat, the British charts offer plenty of solid possibilities:

For instance, the UK top 10 for boys offers us Harry (as in Potter or the British prince); George, red hot since William and Kate picked it for their son; and Oscar. Nickname names are uberpopular for boys in the UK as well—you'll find Charlie, Alfie, Freddie, and Archie in the top 20. And the top 50 baby names for boys also feature some cool options you won't find here: I love Jenson, Arthur, Harrison, and Toby.

On the girls' side, Isla and Poppy are in the top 10 there, while neither name is nearly as popular on this side of the pond. (Isla clocks in just inside the top 150, while Poppy hasn't even cracked the top 1000.) Princess Charlotte hasn't been as influential namewise in England as her big brother—Charlotte is at number 25 in the UK, while it's in the top 10 in the U.S. Some cool girl names that are red hot in England but not so hot here: Evie, Ruby, Daisy, Freya, and Florence (perhaps inspired by rocker Florence + the Machine?). Nickname names are also popular for the little ladies, like their male counterparts. In addition to Evie, you'll find Sophie, Millie, Elsie, Rosie, and Ellie in the top 50.

Tell us: Have you heard any of these fun British favorites in your circle of friends? Would any of these make the short list for your baby to be?

Lisa Milbrand writes Parents.com's In Name Only blog and is the mom of two girls.