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Bill Hader likes "H" names for his babies—a whole lot. His older daughter's name is Hannah Kathryn, and the new baby is Harper (yup, Harper Hader).

Harper is a name that's well loved by the celebrity set. (It's also the name of David and Victoria Beckham's only daughter, along with the daughters of George Stephanopoulis, Neil Patrick Harris and Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl—just to name a few.) And of course, it has a literary pedigree via Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. The name means "person who plays the harp," and it just leapfrogged into the top 100 names for girls—jumping from #115 in 2010 to #54 in 2011. It's a spunky name for a girl, but it originally started out as a boy's name.

Harper is a really nice name match with older sister Hannah, but it's a little bit of a tongue twister when you pair it with Hader as the last name. As for Harper's older sister's name, Hannah is currently a top-25 name, and it means "grace." Her middle name, Kathryn, is a variant spelling of the traditional Katherine, and it means "pure."

There's been no word on what Bill and his wife Maggie chose for Harper Hader's middle name. But to pair with Harper, I like that "Lee," even if it makes it a more obvious homage to the author. Harper Claire also has a nice ring to it, as does Harper Belle. With Hader's two-syllable last name, and a two-syllable first name, you need something short and sweet—or something really long like Elizabeth—to  break things up.

What do you think of Bill Hader's baby name choice? Is Harper a name that would make your baby name short list? Or does the fact that so many celebrities have picked the name for their own kids make you a little bit wary?

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