Sienna Miller's New Baby's Name Is... 28238

Marlowe! British actress Sienna Miller and her boyfriend, Tom Sturridge, just welcomed their first baby girl—and reports are that they gave their new daughter a thoroughly British name, Marlowe. It's an Old English name that means "from the hill by the lake," and is also the last name of famed British playwright Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of William Shakespeare. Not a bad name choice for the offspring a pair of parents with acting in their blood!

No word yet on the middle name they chose for their daughter. I'd expect to see a name like Marlowe paired with a one-syllable middle name with a similar vintage vibe, such as Jane, Grace or Blythe, or a longer name, such as Elizabeth or Evelyn.

The name reminds me of Harlow, the offbeat name chosen by reality star Nicole Richie and Joel Madden—they paired it with two middle names, Winter Kate.

Sienna and Tom aren't the first actors to honor the famed playwright with their daughters' name. Actors Thorsten Kaye and Susan Haskell and actor Jason Schwartzman both have daughters who bear the name as well.

I'm left wondering when a celebrity will go for the gusto and give their offspring the Bard's surname as their moniker. Or maybe actors all think that naming their kids Shakespeare leaves them with footsteps that are too large to fill?

What do you think of Sienna and Tom's name choice? Is Marlowe something that would make your short list of potential name options? Or would you consider honoring a favorite author or playwright of your own with your baby's name choice?

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