Spelling Wars 28211

We've all been there—trying to break the tie between Chloe and Zoe, battling over how exactly we plan to spell Aidan. So partner American Baby is calling in the experts to help a few lucky parents-to-be who need some help settling on names for their future offspring.

Share your biggest naming dilemma here, and if you're picked for the article, the baby-naming experts from Nameberry will offer their brilliant name suggestions, which will hopefully help you settle on the perfect one—no drama required.

But even if you aren't picked for the Nameberry glory, I'd love to hear about your baby-naming dilemmas—and hopefully, I'll be able to answer a reader question or two each week. You can send all inquiries to my handy-dandy new e-mail, lamilbrand AT Share your dilemma and your first name(s), and if you want to be considered for the American Baby story, I'll need your city and state, too.

Looking forward to seeing what burning questions and gut-wrenching dilemmas you're all facing—and hoping I can help you avoid the kind of drama I had when I named my oldest...

Photo: My Name is Trouble by Keith Bell/