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Ryan Reynolds ended a few months' worth of hemming and hawing (and some incorrect speculation about the name) today by finally revealing the name of his daughter with fellow actor Blake Lively. It's not Violet, as was previously rumored, nor is it "Butternut Summersquash," as he joked on the show. Instead, he picked the hot boys' baby name crossover du jour for the celebrity set: James!

James is a top 10 mainstay for boys, and means "supplanter." But a recent spate of celebrities have picked it in the middle spot for their daughters, including actor James Marsden (Mary James), actresses Jessica Capshaw (Poppy James) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Autumn James), and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder (Olivia James). But Ryan and Blake are among the first to put it in the front spot.

There's been no word on what middle name they picked to go with James—I'd probably swing in a more feminine direction, in case my daughter wasn't loving James as a name. I'd go with something longer and multisyllable—my suggestions would include Elizabeth, Evangeline, Aurelia, Juliet (if they like alliteration), or Azalea, if they're looking for something nature themed.

Tell us: Would you consider James for a girl? And are there any other uberclassic boys' names that might be worthy of crossover? (I might even make the case for something like William—though I prefer Willa if you're going in that direction!) And what middle name do you think Blake and Ryan picked for their daughter?

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