By Lisa Milbrand
September 08, 2014
Prince William and Princess Kate 28628

British bookies are already laying odds on what name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (AKA Prince William and Kate) will pick for the fourth in line to the British Throne. (Never mind the fact that the big royal baby news was just announced—and it's still way too early to find out if it's a future prince or princess!)

The current front runners? Depending on the bookie you bet with, it could be James, Arthur, Alexander or Henry for a future prince, and Elizabeth, Catherine, Alexandra and Victoria for a future princess.

Because royals tend to be confined to names with historic precedence within their families, there's a relatively small pool of names to choose from. (There will be no Princess North or Prince Buddy of England!) Last time around, I guessed Alfred Charles Philip James for a boy, and Eleanor Diana Victoria Elizabeth for a girl. But Prince George only got three names, all on my list of alternates—George Alexander Louis.

This time around, I think they may pay homage to dearer family members. My guess: Henry Arthur James for a boy, and Elizabeth Victoria Diana for a girl.

Tell me what you think the royals should name their baby! If you're still looking for a name perfect for your prince or princess, look no further: Check out my lists of royal baby names for princes and princesses. Not feeling so formal? Our Baby Name Finder can help you find names a little more off the beaten path (and give you the scoop on all the classics, too). And don't forget to like In Name Only to keep up with the very latest in baby names!

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