Rock Star Girls' Names 28241

While rock may have started out as a boys' club, there have been more than enough girls who rocked out to give us some interesting name choices for the ladies as well. Here's a few favorites:

Aretha The queen of soul demands respect—and this Greek name, which means virtuous, is the perfect choice for a very confident lady.

Janis This variation on Jane (which means God's gift) was the moniker for the electrifying 60s singer Janis Joplin. It hasn't hit the top 1000 since the early 70s, so it's ripe for a comeback.

Joan Joan Jett was one of the pioneer women in hard rock, whether with her band the Runaways, or on her own. The name, which means "God is gracious," hasn't been in the top 1000 in over a decade, and has plenty of other legends associated with it, beyond Miss Jett: We're talking Joan Crawford, Joan Baez, and Joan Rivers.

Stevie Stevie Nicks, who was singer for the legendary Fleetwood Mac before she went solo, was actually originally named Stephanie. I'm digging the idea of skipping the Stephanie, though, and going right for this nickname. (For the record, Stephanie means crown, and is currently in the top 150 baby names.)

Alanis This cooler version of Alana is an Irish name that means "harmony," making it perfect for your budding musician. Alanis Morrissette is the rocker who made it famous.

Yoko People often blame this musician/artist for breaking up the Beatles, but her name means "good girl" in Japanese.

Beyonce This unique moniker for the singer/actress is actually a variation on her mother's maiden name, Beyince, which is a Creole last name that was in danger of dying out—now it may live on through parents who are fans of her daughter.

Sinead She's had a colorful and offbeat life (remember when she joined the priesthood of a renegade offshoot of the Catholic Church?), but the bald rocker responsible for hits like "Mandinka" and "Nothing Compares to U" has a much more traditional Celtic name that means "kind."

Have you named your daughter after a famous rock star? Which one did you choose to honor?

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