Rock Star Girls' Names 28241

It seems like every band has some ballad dedicated to their favorite girl. Here are a few cool options to consider—though keep in mind that you're likely dooming your daughter to endless serenades with these classics.

Beth Hard-rock heavyweights KISS showed their tender side with this sweet ballad back in the 70s. It inspired the name of Puck and Quinn's daughter on Glee, and may be worth exploring for your daughter—either as its own name, or a nickname for the traditional Elizabeth.

Rhonda The Beach Boys' classic "Help Me, Rhonda" is like sunshine in song form—and it's a perfect moniker for a future beach babe. The name Rhonda means "noisy one," and reached its peak in popularity around the time that the Beach Boys' classic hit the charts.

Roxanne Yeah, the Police song may be all about a guy obsessed with his prostitute girlfriend. But it's still a stellar song and a stellar name, that means dawn.

Delilah The Plain White Tees had a huge hit with "Hey There, Delilah," a sweet acoustic number about a true-blue girlfriend—a far cry from the name's start as a Biblical schemer who was Samson's downfall.

Alison Elvis Costello's cool ballad about the girl who got away may be a little bit of a downer, but it's a great name that means "noble," and currently sits in the top 250 names in the U.S.

Prudence What better to choose than a classic Beatles tune? With lines like "The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you, Dear Prudence," you can picture this song as the perfect lullaby for your new baby. Prudence fits in with that whole virtue-as-a-name trend, but it hasn't hit the top 1000 names in the U.S. since the Beatles hit our shores.

Sheena The Ramones' classic song, "Sheena is a Punk Rocker," may help inspire your daughter's more rebellious side. It's the Irish take on "Jane," and means "God is gracious."

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