This article about Robert Downey Jr.'s son-to-be got me thinking. In the article, he says they've decided on a name for the baby, but if he were to reveal it, his wife would kill him.

The decision on when to publicize baby's name is a big one. In some cultures, the decision is made for you -- Jews who follow tradition don't tell everyone the name until either a boy's bris or a girl's formal naming ceremony at the synagogue. There are advantages to this system -- the whole world won't be invited into your decision-making process, and (hopefully) nobody will be rude enough to give you negative feedback about the name once it is publicized.

Other people tell the name right away, which also has its perks -- expect lots of personalized baby presents, for one thing. You'll also have something to call the baby throughout pregnancy, which is nice.

Fellow blogger Heather's family had their own approach. When she refused to share her baby name before birth, the family dubbed her fetus "Wally." Blogger Jill has gone a similar route, giving her unborn child a "working name" to take the place of a real name until the big day.

What about you? Did you/do you plan to reveal baby's name before birth? What was your reasoning?