Did you catch our article about the grandmother who was pregnant with twins? She recently gave birth to her sons, and everyone is doing great. She waited until the bris to announce her sons' names, and following Jewish tradition, she chose strong Hebrew names that had significance within her family. One son is named Shalom Heschel, and the other, Eliyahu Yehuda.

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Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace, making it a wonderful choice for a more Zen baby. It's a unisex name, and its most famous association is with the supermodel Shalom Harlow. Heschel is a variant spelling of Herschel, and means deer. It's not very popular right now, but Herschel is the name of a character on TVs hit The Walking Dead, so perhaps it may rise in popularity soon.

Eliyahu is an alternative spelling for Elijah, a super popular name (it's currently number 13 on the top baby names in the US list). It means Jehovah is God. Yehuda is a Hebrew name that means praised. It's the only name they've chosen that is currently on the top 1000 baby names in the country.

Both children were named after ancestors who were strong, intelligent and kind people – the kind of people you would hope your children would become. And that's exactly why Judy and her family chose those names for their new members.

Some people who know Judy and her family were concerned that their name choices were a bit too "Hebrew"  for the more modern era we live in. What do you think? Would you give your children names that very clearly identify their heritage? Or would you pick names that are more classic and less easily identified with your background?

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