Prince William and Kate 28314

We only have a few more weeks until the heir to the throne of England comes into the world—and the book makers are taking bets on everything from the child's future profession to his or her hair color. And naturally, they're also taking wagers as to what the royal offspring will be named.

Do the bookmakers know something we don't know? The odds (at least as far as the bookmakers are concerned) are that Queen Elizabeth II's grandchild will be a princess—they're giving the odds on that 2-7—and the odds of a prince have become much higher—now 11-2. And if it's a girl, the bookmakers are betting the name is most likely Alexandra (5-2), followed by Charlotte, Diana and Elizabeth (all at 6-1 odds). My royal name pick, Eleanor, is a long shot at 25-1.

If Prince William and his wife Kate's baby does end up being a prince, George is the name to beat—and the only boys' name that's given odds better than 25-1. (I picked Alfred as my future king of England.)

The only thing we know—North West is likely a very long shot! ;-)

Do you think the bookies are on target? Which of the rumored names do you like best?

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