Patriotic Baby Names

Fourth of July babies can be real firecrackers—and some people opt to give their Independence Day babies a name with ties to our nation's history. If you're in that camp, try a few of these patriotic names on for size.

Liberty If you were born in 1976, maybe you or someone you know was christened with this name, which means freedom. Since the turn of the 21st century, it's been experiencing a resurgence, and it's in the top 500 girls' names currently.

Jefferson This first name utilizes the surname of the author of the Declaration of Independence and our country's third president. It's a name that's fallen out of favor slightly over the past decade—perhaps its ready for a comeback?

Franklin Consider this one a two-fer: It could be a homage to Founding Father Ben Franklin, or in honor of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only four-term president, and the man who helped get our country through the Great Depression and most of World War II.

Eleanor The name of one of the most-respected First Ladies in our history has grown in popularity over the past few decades, and now sits just below the top 100 names. It's an excellent variation on the more popular Ella.

Kennedy Once considered a unisex first name, JFK's last name has gone over to the ladies, where it ranks near the top 100 baby names.

America Why not name your baby after the country itself? America is currently in the top 600 names in the country.

Abraham Lincoln's first name has become part of that "old-fashioned becomes fashionable" baby naming trend, thanks to its Biblical pedigree. It has broken the top 200 baby names

Sam You could always name your child after Uncle Sam—the patriotic symbol of our country. Going for the less-formal Sam instead of Samuel gives your son a more casual air.

Would you give your child a name that suits the holiday?

Photo: Baby wrapped in the stars & stripes by Shane Trotter


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