Hillary, Donald, and Bernie may be winning in the polls, but not as parents' top choices for baby names.
Fewer babies born in 2015 share a name with the current leading presidential candidates than in past elections.
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If you want to give your kid a name that none of the other kids in school will have, you may want to go with either Hillary, Bernie, or Donald. Because according to the official list from the Social Security Administration, in 2015 there were fewer babies named after the current presidential candidates than in the decades before.

The trend of presidential baby-naming was a pretty big thing about 60 years ago, according to The New York Times, with thousands of babies dubbed Franklin, Harry, and Dwight at the start of the Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower administrations. The trend held strong when Obama was running, too—between 2007 and the inauguration in 2009, more than 100 babies were named Barack (only about five kids a year were given that name before).

So exactly how poorly did our current crop of candidates fare? The name Donald came in as the 441st most popular moniker for boys, with only 690 born last year—the lowest ranking since at least 1900. Ouch!

Still, Donald fared better than Bernie (there were only 160 of those!). And the name Hillary performed even worse. While the moniker hit 132 on the list back in 1992, when Bill won the presidential campaign, in 2015 it didn't even manage to crack the top 1,000! Only 136 girls were given the name in 2015. Which is just crazy, considering that when I was growing up, there were about 10 Hillarys (or Hilarys) in every grade.

For what it's worth, the number of baby girls born with the name Monica last year was 550.

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