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It's a boy for Brandon Routh, star of Superman Returns and the upcoming CBS series Partners, and Courtney Ford, best known for her roles on Dexter, Parenthood and True Blood. And the new bambino's name? Leo James.

Leo is a perfect first name choice for an August baby (considering it's that month's zodiac sign and all). It's a name that means lion-hearted—perfect for a boy who has a strong disposition. It's a name he shares with famed Russian author Leo Tolstoy, and the nickname commonly used by Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a top 200 name throughout the U.S., and also pretty popular with the celebrity set, as Mario Batali, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and NASCAR star Jeff Gordon all chose the name for their boys.

James, of course, is a perennially popular choice—it's been in the top 20 baby names for over a century. It's a name he'll share with oodles of luminaries, from two of the Apostles in the Bible to Hollywood icons like James Stewart and James Dean to U.S. Presidents (from James Madison to Jimmy Carter). It's a name that means "supplanter," and is the English version of the (even more) popular Jacob.

Personally, I love the name—in fact, I think it's a name that could have made our short list, if we'd had a boy instead of two girls. (And we're done now, so it looks like we'll have to use our naming prowess on pets instead...Leo would also make a nice name for a very social kitty.) What do you think of the name Leo James? Is it something you might add to your potential baby names list?

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