Obama's Baby-Naming Prowess 28300

Barack and Michelle Obama are more than just the leaders of the Free World—they're also pretty darned masterful at naming babies. The Obama daughters have two beautiful names that might be worth considering for your baby.

Their statuesque oldest daughter, Malia, sports a Hawaiian name that's a variant on Mary, and means "bitter." Malia comes paired with the classic middle name Ann, which means "grace." Malia is a nice nod to both Barack's Hawaiian roots and to Michelle's mother Marian (who herself boasts a variant on the classic Mary). Malia is currently hovering around the top 300 mark, and makes a nice alternative to uberpopular names like Maya and Mia.

And the Obamas' vibrant younger daughter, known as Sasha, was actually given a longer name, Natasha—and one that doesn't appear to be pulled from their family tree. It's a Russian name that means "Christmas Day," while Sasha, which is also Russian in origin, means "defender of men." Natasha's currently on a bit of a down slope here in the U.S., but Sasha got a boost on the baby name charts when Obama was first elected—I'm wondering if this second term will bring a new wave of Sashas to our shores. (By the way, Sasha also makes a nice boys' name, as that's how it got its start.)

Both names have a nice cadence with their last name, with matching "ahs" at the end of each name.

What do you think of their daughters' names? Are there any you might consider for your daughter? And don't forget to like my page on Facebook, so you can keep up on the latest in baby names!

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