By Lisa Milbrand

While here in the U.S., no baby names are off limits (hello, Hashtag!), in many parts of the world, the government gets a say in whether your baby name is up to snuff. For instance, New Zealand kept babies from living under the names Mafia No Fear and Anal, Brazil doesn't want anyone to name their babies after deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Germany said no to a baby named Osama Bin Laden, and the Mexican state of Sonora said no way to the names Virgin, Scrotum, and Robocop.

Recently, foodie names were given the boot by the French court, based on their law that prohibits baby names that could be the cause of mockery for the child. Parents who wanted to name their baby Nutella were told their pick wouldn't fly—and that they'd have to choose another name for their little one. And a couple who wanted to name their baby Fraise (which means strawberry in French) were also told to tweak the name—they went with Fraisine, which was a 19th century favorite, and I'm sure their little one is still being called their petit Fraise.

Some countries definitely take the limits a little too far—like the Icelandic laws that only allow families to choose from an approved list of a few thousand names. But let's face it: We've all heard some really bad, cringeworthy baby names around the U.S. (and especially within the list of celebrity baby names). Maybe it's not such a bad thing if we keep people from giving their babies names like Jermajesty or Moxie Crimefighter.

What do you think? Should the French court have kept Nutella from getting that...ahem...nutty name? Or should we all be free to name our kids Nestlé Crunch or Godiva Chocolate if we see fit? And tell us—what's the wildest name you've heard in real life? (Mine is Hap Hazard. No lie!)

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