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I'm always intrigued when parents make the choice to give their kid a name that blends a little too perfectly with their surname—because they're one and the same. There's New Jersey governor Chris Christie, poet William Carlos Williams, singer/actor Kris(toffer) Kristofferson and American Idol's Phillip Phillips. (And I also have a friend William Williams, though he goes by Billy.) Is it because they love their last name so much they think it's too good to pass up using for the first name, too? Is it that they simply don't have a better idea, so they figure that their surname good enough to use twice? Or is it that they have a funny sense of humor, and figure repeating the same name twice will make their kid stand out? (You're not going to forget meeting a girl named Kelly Kelly or a boy named Michael Michaels, for instance.)

Of course, there are some cultures where double naming is common—like China, for instance, where names like Ping Ping and Li Li are extremely common (in fact, two little girls I know had those names).

So I'm intrigued...if you have a surname that suits it, would you consider just doubling up on the surname for your child's first name? And if you would consider it (or you have done it for one of your kids), can you share your reasoning? I'd love to get to the bottom of this unique naming trend!

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