That's Barak, not Barack. Like Derek, but with a b.

I encountered this name when my best friend got on She set up a date with a boy named Barak, and we sat together trying to figure out how she could get around having to pronounce his name when they met. Three years later they're gorgeous newlyweds, and we all know that rule: Derek, but with a b.

Here's what Barak had to say about his unique name:

"I have a bunch of older siblings, and all of them have more common names -- Eric, Steve, Tim, John, Sarah. My parents just ran out of names they really liked, so they had to dig a little deeper.

"It's a Hebrew name. I like that it's a real name, that people have had before. Even though it's unique, it's not made up.

"Growing up people never knew how to say my name. Then when Barack Obama became president they'd say, 'oh, Barack like the president,' and they'd pronounce and spell it wrong.

"For better or worse, it's always a conversation starter. The first minute is always about my name. On the downside, if I walk into a room and quickly say my name to three people, they all want to talk about it. When I was younger if I went to a party and knew I'd never see the people again, I'd just tell them my name was Derek -- it was easier than spending ten minutes talking about my name.

"When I was younger I thought it was more trouble than it was worth, but now that I'm older I like it. I prefer a name that's a little more unique."

What do you think? Do you plan to give your child a unique name? Do you have a unique name? How do you feel about it?