Which baby names topped the charts this year? There have been a few movers and shakers among the top 20 baby names—check out the latest list.
top baby names of 2016
Credit: Angela Waye/Shutterstock

Which baby names reigned supreme in 2016? The latest baby-name data from the Social Security Administration is out now—and it turns out we could almost copy and paste the whole top 10 list from 2014 and 2015! (Note: The just-released-in-2017 list features the top baby names of the year 2016, as data tracks trends from the previous year.) For the fourth year in a row, Noah was tops for boys, while Emma ruled for girls for the third year running. Second-place names, Liam and Olivia, also retained their standing for 2016. But there's been a shift in the #3 spot—Mason and Sophia both dropped to #4, replaced by William and Ava. (Though keep in mind that with alternative spelling Sofia in the top 20 as well, Sophia/Sofia still technically tops the charts for girls.) The rest of the top 10 remained relatively unchanged, other than a little shuffling here and there, and with Elijah moving into the top 10 and replacing Alexander.

Only two new names moved into the top 20 this year: Joseph replaced Jayden, which dropped seven spots to #27, while Scarlett replaced Victoria—which fell just outside the top 20 to #21. The biggest movers within the top 20 were Oliver, which jumped up seven spots to #12, and Logan and Madison, which dropped four spots each.

What does this mean? It looks like traditional names are becoming more popular (Hello, Oliver and William), while some of the trendier picks, like Jayden, are losing favor with new parents.

Here's the complete top 20!