Marla Sokoloff's Baby Elliotte 28182

Congrats to Marla Sokoloff, who just welcomed a baby girl named Elliotte Anne.

This name has given me a lot to think about. It's interesting because she took a boy's name, used it on a girl, and added a feminine ending. I assume she'll pronounce it just like Elliot, though. I think Elliot is a cute name for a girl, but to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the extra "te." First, it means she'll have to spell it out for people all the time, and second, it's just so made up. It would be cute if they gave her the nickname Lottie though -- a nice break from all the Ellas out there now.

Even though I don't love the name, I am grateful to it for all the thought it's sparked in me. My name nerd brain is going crazy trying to think of similar boy-made-girl names. The most obvious is Danielle, but it's not quite the same since it's pronounced differently than Daniel. It could work with the name Michael -- Michaelle... oh shoot, that just ends up being a misspelling of Michelle. Never mind.

20 minutes of thinking later...

Ryanne! That accomplishes the same thing as Elliotte: Boys name, used for a girl, pronounced the same as the boys name but with a feminine ending. Name nerd victory!

Your turn: Can you think of any names that fit the same mold as Elliotte? And what do you think of the name in general?