The pregnant fashionista's team has released a list of 10 LC-approved monikers. 
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Not gonna lie—I was completely obsessed with Lauren Conrad back in her Hills days. I may even have rocked her patented small side braid from time to time. But then she quit reality TV, started her own fashion line, got married, and took a break from the limelight for awhile—and I promptly forgot all about her.

Of course, when I heard the news that she was preggers, my girl crush came flooding back, along with a raging curiosity for all the deets. Girl or boy? When's the due date? And, most importantly, what will the woman once known simply as "LC" name her precious first-born?

Conrad has remained mum regarding the answers to my first two questions, but her team did unveil a lengthy post on her website yesterday, featuring their collective favorite baby names for 2017.

"If you're an expecting mama, we know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect baby name," the team wrote. "Searching for a meaningful name that will suit your babe can sometimes be downright daunting. If you've just started a list or are looking to add a few more names into the mix, we've got a few more gems for you."

Here are Team LC's top girls' names:

And for the boys:

Whether or not Conrad's actual baby name is hiding somewhere on this list remains to be seen—only time will tell. But in the meantime, let us know which one are your faves (I'm personally vibing on #10) in the comments!

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