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It's a boy for The Hills and Laguna Beach reality star Kristin Cavallari and her fiancé, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Little Camden Jack Cutler may not quite be ready to throw around the pigskin yet, but he has a great name for a future sports star.

Camden is a place name with British roots. There's Camden, a trendy neighborhood in London; but there's also Camden, NJ, a blighted city in my state, which boasts the highest crime rate in the U.S. (more than 2000 violent crimes per 100,000 people, according to Wikipedia). Of course, there's also Camden Yards, the home of baseball's Baltimore Orioles. (I'm guessing that maybe Jay's more of an O's fan than a White Socks or Cubs man.)

Camden has become a pretty popular name over the past few decades, and currently stands in the top 200 names in the U.S. for boys—though it is starting to cross over and become a girls' name, too. (My guess is that parents like that you can get those cute Cam/Cammie nicknames from Camden.)

Their chosen middle name, Jack, is an English variation of the ultratraditional name John, and it means "God is great." It's also an even more popular name than Camden, ranking #45 on the current name popularity list. (Though it ranks even higher, if you count all those Jacksons whose parents call them "Jack.")

The whole name has an interesting cadence, with all those hard "K" sounds. I probably would have avoided having the middle name end with the "K," since Cutler shares the same beginning. You want to try to avoid that same-sound flow from one name to the next. But otherwise, they've made some great choices, choosing a less-popular but not uncommon first name, and saving their more popular choice for the middle name.

What do you think of the name that Kristin and Jay chose for their baby boy? Would you pick Camden for your son (or your daughter)?

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