Kelsey Grammer's New Baby is Named... 28240

Faith Evangeline Elisa. The former Frasier star and his new wife, Kayte, gave their first daughter together quite a mouthful of a name, but it's a pretty one.

Faith is one the hot "virtue" names, from the Latin word fidere. Virtue names have become particularly popular in the Southern states—and Faith currently ranks in the top 75 names. Country star Faith Hill is probably the most famous bearer of the name.

Evangeline is an up-and-comer name. It has risen nearly 50 spots in the last year alone, and has just broken into the top 300 names. It's a Greek name that means "bearer of good news" (think evangelist), and its rise is part of the old-names-are-new trend. Evangeline has popped up in pop culture recently, thanks to Lost actress Evangeline Lilly and the name firefly Ray gives to his true love, the evening star, in Disney's Princess and the Frog, which may help explain this sweet name's sudden growth in popularity.

Elisa is a variant form of Elizabeth—a Hebrew name which means dedicated to God. It currently ranks in the top 500 names, but is currently in the shadow of the more popular Elise. It's an interesting choice with their other two selections, since it gives her double E middle initials, and a long six syllables in the middle of the name. (I know, I know, I shouldn't talk!)

It's a very pretty and very traditional name—in fact, a bit more traditional than the names of his children from previous relationships. He has three other daughters, Spencer, Kandace, and Mason Olivia, and one son, Jude Gordon. But I think he saved the best name for his latest arrival.

What do you think of Kelsey and Kayte's baby's name? Are any of those names on your short list of names? And does having a celebrity choose a certain baby name make you more or less likely to use it for your own baby?

Photo: Kelsey and Kayte Grammer by s_bukley /