Kailyn Lowry's son is nearly two months old...but he still doesn't have a name! We know it can be tough, so we're sharing a few suggestions.
Kailyn Lowry
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Choosing a name for your baby is no easy feat—after all, the stakes are pretty high: Your kids will have to live with their monikers forever, after all!

But while some of us have to sit on the decision for a few hours (maybe even days) after giving birth, this Teen Mom star is really taking her time. Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third son on August 5...and now, nearly two months later, she's still working on finding the perfect name for him.

“I kind of have the one that I want to name him, but I haven't legally named him yet," Lowry confessed to Us Weekly." I thought I had a name and I would refer to the baby as that name in text messages or say it. And it didn't feel right so I kept trying a couple different ones and none of them felt right.”

[iframe src="//content.jwplatform.com/players/yrvMVzEw-qInh6Xrr.html" width="320" height="260" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"][/iframe]Look, we get it! Finding the name that checks all the boxes and just feels right for your baby can be a serious ordeal. Because Lowry is a busy mama of three, we imagine she hasn't really had the time to research options—so we thought we'd throw her a helping hand. Lowry's other sons are named Isaac and Lincoln—one classic pick, one modern/unisex option. While we don't know which type she'll go with this time, we've included a few for to try on for size.

  • Wilder: Last-names-as-first-names are having a moment, and we love this cute pick for a little boy. We can pretty much guarantee any kid with this name will have an adventurous spirit! This pick was one of the top 10 fastest-rising names of 2016, according to Nameberry, so it definitely ticks the trendy box!
  • Jonas: Another last name that works well as a first name, this pick has some pop cultural flair thanks to Nick, Kevin and Joe (yup, we're talking about The Jonas Brothers!). It's also a modern twist on Biblical pick Jonah, meaning it'll work nicely as a sibling pick for Isaac.
  • Leo: Lowry is already calling her son "Baby Lo" in honor of his dad, Chris Lopez. If she opts for "Leo" (either as a nickname for Leonardo or a standalone name), she won't need to stray too far from that!
  • Lorenzo: Another great option if Lowry wants to stick with the nickname "Lo"—Why not name Baby No. 3 Lorenzo and use Lo as a cute, snappy nickname?
  • Edwin: It sounds old-fashioned, but hey, that's in right now! We love this posh-sounding pick. Old-school as it may sound, this pick actually gained a lot of steam last year, with 1,100 babies given the name is 2016, per Nameberry's records. 
  • Anselmo: One thing you can't deny? This choice has serious flair. It may look like a mouthful, but consider this: Mo would make a perfect nickname—or, she could opt for a sleeker version and choose the name Ansel.
  • Eben: This Hebrew pick has been derived from Hebrew classic "Ebenezer," which has a seriously wonderful meaning: "Stone of help."
  • Ellis: Lowry went for a unisex pick with Lincoln, and she may want to do it again: Ellis means "benevolent" and rolls off the tongue so easily. Love!
  • Diesel: Outlandish? Maybe a little. But say what you will about this pick—it's one of the coolest names out there. 
  • Caleb: Like Isaac, Caleb is one of those classic names that still feels fresh. You can thank the beloved Pretty Little Liars character for putting it back on the map in recent years.
  • Miles: One-syllable names feel so clean—no fuss, no nicknames required, just a nice, easy pick that doesn't feel overdone. Miles lies just outside the top 100 (it ranked at number 105 last year, according to Nameberry), so it's popular but not epidemically so. 

Parents, did it take any of you a long time to name your kids? Tell us!