Kailyn Lowry's two-month-old son finally has a name! Here's the cute pick the mother of three chose for her littlest guy. We approve! 


Last week, Kailyn Lowry revealed that her youngest son—whom she welcomed on August 5—didn't have a legal name. The mother of three lamented how tough it can be can to come with the perfect name for a new baby, and we totally saw where she was coming from—it's not an easy choice to make!

While we shared a few baby name ideas for the mama, it looked like she actually didn't need any help, 'cause Lowry managed to pick out a seriously adorable name without our help.

How sweet is the name Lux Russell? Lux is such a cool, modern name (who doesn't love a good single-syllable pick?) and just seems to fit the little guy. Of course, we're sad she wasn't able to use any of our picks, but we certainly approve. And side note, using a personalized blanket to reveal a baby's name? Genius!